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Hello. We’re Independent Framing.

Independent Framing is a custom framing studio located in downtown Los Angeles, right between the Arts District and Gallery Row . We specialize in working with artists and galleries.  Focusing on craftsmanship, speed and reliability, we don’t think that high-quality needs to necessarily come at a high-price.

We know that custom framing needs to be fast, high-quality, reliable and most of all affordable. This is why we think you’ll like what we’ve done.

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We do things a little differently…

A framer standing in a custom framing studio looking at artwork surrounded by mat boards

Methods & Practices

  • We always hinge (attach) artwork using archival materials and conservation techniques
  • Everything we use and do is always 100% fully reversible
  • We clamp all frames over-night, after nailing and gluing, to ensure the strongest frames possible
  • We weight-bond all artwork over-night, with archival weights, to ensure your artwork is completely secure


  • We only use the highest quality wood moulding from Italy
  • Our pricing is more often cheaper than lower quality moulding that comes from China
  • We never use card board, MDF or anything else which can “off-gas” and ruin artwork
  • All of our glues, solvents and tapes are 100% completely archival and museum quality
A picture of a framer standing in a custom framing studio placing artwork in a frame

Recycling and Eco-Friendliness

  • We utilize a “360” recycling program – recycling everything possible that leaves our studio
  • All of our wood moulding comes from sustainable sources that use very active reforestation programs
  • We use digital receipts and invoices and do our part to minimize our waste and carbon footprint
  • We use sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible

Let us show you how custom framing should be.

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Still not convinced yet?

Free Acid-Free Upgrade

  • We want your art to last as long as possible
  • Because of this, we will always upgrade your backing from Regular Foam Board to, the much less damaging, Acid-Free Foam Board at no cost to you

Free Gallery Delivery

  • If everything else wasn’t enough – we offer FREE local gallery delivery
  • Whether you are an artist who is showing a single piece or a hundred pieces
  • Or, a gallery with a dozen artists who all need pieces finished and delivered by a deadline
  • Whatever it is – we deliver to local galleries for FREE

Custom framing can be a painful experience… now it can be fast, easy and even enjoyable.

See what other people are saying about their experiences…

"Independent Framing is definitely the best framer I have ever used. I am a professional artist and I have been getting framing done for years. I learned more about custom framing in 10 minutes here than I even knew before. Knowing what I know now I'll never go back to someone else. When I picked up my pieces they were beautifully wrapped in black craft paper and really just looked super professional. When I unwrapped one of them it just looked flawless. I don't know where this studio has been my whole life but I really hope they aren't going anywhere."

− Jacob S. - Loz Feliz, Los Angeles, CA

"I do gallery shows all the time. I have alway jumped around to different framers depending on the price or if they had time to get it done before my next gallery show. I came and chatted with Nick at Independent Framing and I brought a piece that I wanted to get reframed. He took it apart in front of me cause there was some warping. The way my last framer had mounted it was appalling. It was basically masking tape directly attaching the print to cardboard. I couldn't believe it. I had asked for it to be done cheap but I had no idea what I was getting on the inside. Nick took 5 minutes to explain to me why this is death for artwork and what was the proper way to mount a print. As I was leaving he said it would be done in 7 days. 4 days later he called me and said my piece was done. I came looked at it and it looked great. I told him it was for a gallery show in a few days and he offered to hold on to it and deliver it to the gallery. I was surprised but of course agreed. A week later the gallery called me and said my artwork had been delivered. I showed up to the opening the next night and it looked amazing. I honestly couldn't believe how easy it was. Framing for a gallery show has always been a point of stress and a bit of a nightmare. This was incredibly easy. I'll never go anywhere else."

− Sarah S. - Arts District, Los Angeles, CA

"I manage a couple visual artists in LA and I needed a couple original illustrations framed and ready to be picked up in 3 days. It needed to have a very specific profile and size for a museum in Italy. I called Independent Framing and spoke with Nick. He said he needed a bit to think about how to do it as it was a bit odd and he would get back to me. I kept looking and 30 min later he called me back with a solution. I confirmed with the artist and the museum and they agreed. 3 days later (mind you this was a Thursday and it was being picked up on a Sunday) my artist went by the studio to approve the frames and took them directly from the framing studio to the airport and got on a plane to Rome. My artist was happy and I have to say I was impressed by the whole experience. "

− Brian D. - West Hollywood, CA

We guarantee you’ll feel the same way

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