We are Independent Framing and we really love custom framing. We have a studio located in downtown Los Angeles, right next to the Arts District.

We specialize in working with artist and galleries. We also work with many different people and business from individuals to collectors and even the occasional museum from time to time. We have set our studio up intentionally to accommodate the specific needs of  professionals in the art world.

Our clients tend to be artists and galleries, of different types and sizes, who have been looking for a professional, high-quality, fast and reliable framing shop with the 1-on-1 personalized relationship of a boutique studio along with the robust capabilities and professional consistency you’d expect from a larger framing operation. That’s what we do.

We don’t really mess around with the million different kinds of mat and moulding framing options that can be obnoxiously overwhelming and tedious to sort through. We feel that the frame should not distract from the artwork but more set a simple stage where it can shine. Most of the time galleries and artist are looking for a simple black, white or wood (light or dark) frame that is extremely well made, with artwork that is perfectly hung, and with a backing that is exactly spaced and sealed. We have the highest quality, most affordable options and we can turn it around on a dime. What more could you want? Oh and by the way, we offer free gallery delivery.

It’s easy to see from just walking into our studio that the overall experience is very different…

On a day to day, you may walk into our somewhat secret and tucked away, several thousand square foot, studio, with it’s 16 foot white gallery walls – where we’ll host the occasional art show – and our beautiful bow truss ceilings and see our manager talking with an artist. Today this artist needs 20 pieces done in 10 days and the artist laughing about how this could never be done anywhere else. You may see one of our couriers carefully loading the last of a set of black paper wrapped pieces for a client’s incredible gallery show later that evening. (By the way, you were invited – you went – you loved it.) You may see a sales person with someone smiling, who needs just that one piece done but this single piece is handled with the exact same care and consideration that this person had expected, having come to a studio their friend had so highly recommended. You may see a master framer as they walk past and you may not think twice, because they look like anyone else, with the exception of their hands – and though possibly tattooed – these hands will have a visibly and noticeably unwavering confidence that would allow them to do almost anything… If they weren’t so busy making your custom frames.

You may see all of this… or you may not. But what you will see is a team that is friendly, professional, and more than happy to help. That is also fully dedicated to (and absolutely irrefutably in love with) art.

For us art is important – it is maybe the most important – and that’s why we try to show it. From the little finishing details (that you’ll quickly notice) to the overnight high pressure clamping (that all of our frames undergo to ensure the perfect corners) and from our eco-conscious practices (with our fully implemented studio wide recycling program) to our free gallery delivery service (yes, it is amazing), we know what’s important.

We love art. We love framing. We love the environment. And, love quality while still being affordable.

We hope you notice.


– Independent Framing

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