Framing Glossary

Here is a list of framing terms that anyone framing should know

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Complete Glossary of Framing Terms

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Canvas -  A substrate used to paint or print on.
Cap -  A frame moulding profile that is narrow across the face and deep from front to back. Caps are generally 1” to 1 ½” in depth.
Cassetta -  A frame moulding profile having a flat panel with raised edges at the front and back.
Clay (Bole) -  A colored clay, applied in liquid form, to the moulding before it is leafed. When the leaf is later burnished, a portion of the gold rubs away, allowing some of the clay color to show through. This adds depth the frame’s finish.
Clear Glass -  The standard type of glass used in frames.
Closed Corner Frame -  Frame that are assembled prior to being finished so the corners are seamless.
Compo -  A composite substance that ornamental patterns are molded into to decorate frames.
Conservation Framing -  The use of preservation materials and techniques to protect artwork.
Conservation Glass -  Glass with filtering properties to block harmful ultraviolet rays.