Framing Glossary

Here is a list of framing terms that anyone framing should know

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Complete Glossary of Framing Terms

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Fabric Mat -  A mat that has a fabric surface instead of the typical paper surface.  
Fillet -  A narrow moulding used as an accent. Fillets can be placed inside mat openings or in the lip of frames.  
Finished Corner Frame -  The same as a closed corner frame.  
Float Frame -  A type of moulding used for framing canvases. The art is set into the frame from the front so none of the surface is covered.
Float Mount -  To place the art on top of the mat rather than in a window behind the mat. Sometimes the art sits directly on the mat but it is often raised off it to add depth.
Foamboard -  A board used to mount prints to or used as a backing
Frame -  When the four pieces of moulding are assembled, it becomes a frame.  
French Mat -  A traditional form of mat decoration, originated in France . A watercolor wash is applied within a panel and ink lines are placed around it. Some French mats are simple and others quite elaborate.