Framing Glossary

Here is a list of framing terms that anyone framing should know

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Complete Glossary of Framing Terms

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Laminate -  The process of adhering a clear plastic film over something to seal it. Laminating films come in a variety of finishes.
Lap Lines -  Gold Leaf comes in small sheets. When a frame is leafed, the sheets are intentionally overlapped to insure the clay underneath is not visible. This overlap can result in a deeper or brighter finish at even intervals down the length of the moulding. This is considered a sign of quality.
Limited Edition Print -  When an artist or publisher creates a defined amount of prints and will print no more of that image. Edition sized can vary from several to thousands. Generally these will be signed by the artist and numbered, such as 1/1000, 2/1000, etc.
Liner -  When a mat border is not used, it is often desirable to use a liner. Today liners are usually fabric covered frames but the original liners were gold leafed for use inside finished corner frames.
Lip -  The part of the frame that holds the art and other framing contents in place.