Framing Glossary

Here is a list of framing terms that anyone framing should know

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Complete Glossary of Framing Terms

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Mat Border -  Used to surround many prints, photos, certificates, etc., a mat border provides a visual resting spot between the art and everything around it, making it easier to view the art.  
Mat Opening -  A hole cut into the mat so the art will be visible through it
Mat Window -  Same as "Mat Opening".
Moulding -  Before a frame is made, the four sides are cut to size form a long length of moulding
Moulding Depth -  The overall outside dimension of the moulding from front to back
Moulding Width -  The overall outside dimension of the moulding from inside edge to outside edge  
Museum Glass -  The best glass available to protect the art from harmful ultraviolet light, while also reducing reflection