Framing Glossary

Here is a list of framing terms that anyone framing should know

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Complete Glossary of Framing Terms

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Scoop -  A type of moulding profile where the outside edge is the deepest and slopes down to the inner edge.  
Shadowbox -  A frame moulding that is 1 ½” deep or more. Mouldings less than 1 ½” deep are generally called “Caps” but they can be used to frame objects that will fit within them.  
Sight Size -  On a completed frame, this is the size from the innermost edge on one side to the innermost edge on the opposite side. This size will be smaller than the actual frame size.  
Single Mat -  A mat border made from one layer of mat  
Spacer -  Spacer products are available to keep glass off the surface of art when a mat is not used. Foamboard strips can also be placed between layers of mat to create space.  
Stacking -  The technique of combining two or more mouldings to create one frame. Stacking has been used for centuries. Frames are usually placed side by side, adding to the width but you can also place frames one over the other to add depth.  
Strainer -  Same as "Stretcher Frame".  
Strap Hanger -  A strong type of hanger that fits quite flush to the wall and can be used with or without wire.  
Stretcher Bars -  Pre-cut pieces that interlock to form the framework canvas is stretched over  
Stretcher Frame -  Length of stretcher that is cut to size and joined like a frame.